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Published: October 4, 2020

Treatments for Pain

Back pain is easily one of the most frustrating and restrictive conditions to live with, particularly when living in the busy city of London. Titsian Zavatzki and the Rehealth Me team can help restore comfort, mobility, and normality to your life with a range of personalised treatments.

How can Rehealth Me in Enfield help me?

When you experience chronic back pains, a number of treatments are available in order to restore movement and flexibility while simultaneously delivering significant pain relief. Men and women across Enfield, Haringey, Barnet, and the surrounding areas can seek support using the following:

Manual therapy 

Manual therapy involves the use of hands-on techniques like mobilisation and muscle manipulation to relieve pain, promote improved function, and restore a full range of movement. It is particularly useful for patients experiencing back pains from injuries and chronic conditions.

The procedures are particularly good at managing the impacts of chronic back pain on your daily life, providing an immediate restoration of mobility and comfort. Through multiple sessions, the benefits can be taken to new levels.


Yumeiho is another treatment rooted by a history that goes back many centuries. It uses a combination of massage, acupressure, and manual therapy to correct pelvic asymmetry. In turn, it will reduce the symptoms linked to a wide range of back-related conditions.

The pelvic realignment can subsequently restore motion and function to help you start leading a normal life once more. Moreover, it can alleviate pains and symptoms felt in all limbs. After all, almost every body part is supported by good back health.


Hirudotherapy, more commonly known as leech therapy, strategically uses the parasitic worms to remove blood clots, improve circulation, and provide pain relief thanks to the natural chemicals found in the Hirudin substance of the leech's saliva. 

While the procedure can be used to combat a range of ailments, it is particularly suited to overcoming backaches. However, only a certified therapist like Titsian Zavatzki can complete the process in a safe and accurate setting. 



Which treatment is best for back problems? 

Before undergoing any treatment for back pains in Enfield, Haringey, or Barnet, it's imperative that you find the most appropriate solution. No two people are the same, and your choice of treatment can be influenced by a range of factors, such as;

  • Age, height, and weight,
  • Source of pain (injury, chronic, etc.).
  • Location of pain (lower, upper, spine),
  • How many sessions you want,
  • Other medical conditions or treatments.

Either way, a full consultation with Titsian Zavatzki to analyse everything from the symptoms to your medical history will ensure that you are matched to the best treatment for optimal pain relief and long-term wellness improvements. In turn, your quality of life will look better than ever. 

Take the first steps today! 

When you want to find a quick solution to your current and ongoing back pain, patients throughout the London regions of Enfield, Haringey, and Barnet are advised to book a consultation at Rehealth Me today. The road to a healthier and happier future starts here.

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