Leech therapy, also known as hirudotherapy, is quite simply the use of leeches as a form of physical therapy to overcome a range of health complaints while also boosting general wellness.

Spearheaded by Titsian Zavatzki, a fully insured member of the British Association of Hirudotherapy, Rehealth Me can help you discover the benefits of leech therapy in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas today!

What is leech therapy?

Leech therapy is a form of medical treatment that dates back to Ancient Egypt and has been used to treat an extensive list of ailments over the centuries. The treatments work on the principle that leeches will suck the blood from a wound while secreting a complex biological mixture predominantly composed of the Hirudin substance. The saliva also contains the following naturally occurring bioactive chemicals, including;

The natural procedure can, therefore, remove clotted blood to help the blood flow resume in a natural fashion while simultaneously preventing tissue death. When combined with the pain relief elements and ability to stop bacterial reproduction, it can be a very useful solution to bypass various operations.

When completed by a licensed therapist, like Titsian Zavatzki, leech therapy is one of the fastest and most effective solutions for men and women in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

How will leech therapy benefit me?

Thanks to the increased blood flow, as well as the anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties, patients can experience a wide range of benefits when using leech therapy. The list of immediate and ongoing rewards includes, but is not limited to;

While leech therapy is virtually guaranteed to improve your quality of life, it can deliver different levels of improvement from one person to the next, which is why a full analysis and dedicated service is required. 

Who can use leech therapy?

In modern medicine, the parasitic worms can be used to treat many different conditions as a stand-alone feature or in conjunction with other plans. Patients in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas can rely on qualified therapist Titsian Zavatzki for support with the following conditions;

Cardiovascular diseases

Neurological conditions

Musculoskeletal diseases

The therapy can additionally be used to alleviate symptoms and cure a range of oral conditions, such as gingivitis, as well as gynecological diseases ranging from polycystic ovarian syndrome to endometrial adenoma. Both infertility and menopausal symptoms may be treated through the leech therapy too. Whether symptoms are acute or mild, it is a far more convenient solution than some of the alternatives on the market.

Book your leech therapy consultation today

Titsian Zavatzki and the Rehealth Me team are ready to help patients requiring the pain management and life enhancement benefits of leech therapy today. Take the first steps by getting in touch to learn more.

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