Vitamin D3 Forte 30 ml


Natural D3 Forte Vitamin Drops in Bio Hemp Oil – 30 ml: Your Daily Dose of Sunshine and Wellness
Harness the power of nature with our Natural D3 Forte Vitamin Drops from Lanolin, suspended in pure Bio Hemp Oil. This 30 ml bottle delivers:
• High Potency: Each serving provides 2000 IU of natural vitamin D3, essential for a healthy body.
• Organic Carrier: Blended in organic hemp oil for superior absorption and additional health benefits.
• Long-Lasting Supply: With 600 servings per bottle, you're covered for an extensive period.
• Vegetarian-Friendly: Free from lactose, gluten, and artificial additives, it's suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences.
Keep this supplement handy in your wellness arsenal, and embrace a balanced approach to health with every drop.

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Natural D3 Forte Vitamin Drops from Lanolin in Bio Hemp Oil – 30 ml
Unveil the essence of health with our Natural D3 Forte Vitamin Drops from Lanolin, beautifully blended in Organic Hemp Oil. This 30 ml bottle is a treasure trove of wellness, designed to fortify your body with natural vitamin D3 and the added benefits of vitamin E and organic hemp oil. It’s a powerful trifecta that supports immunity, bone health, and more, in an easy-to-consume, plant-based formula.
• Bone and Teeth Health: Vitamin D3 from natural lanolin aids in maintaining robust bones and teeth, ensuring a strong foundation for overall health.
• Immune System Boost: Known as the "sunshine vitamin," D3 bolsters your immune system, enhancing your body's defense mechanisms.
• Muscle Function: Essential for athletes and active individuals, D3 contributes to the proper functioning of muscles, aiding in recovery and performance.
• Heart Health and Cholesterol: The unique combination with hemp oil supports cardiovascular health and may help manage cholesterol levels.
• Organic Hemp Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids, it nurtures the body's natural defenses and contributes to skin health.
• Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol): Sourced from lanolin, it is a bioactive form of vitamin D, crucial for various bodily functions.
• Vitamin E (D-alpha-tocopherol): Acts as a natural antioxidant, preserving the oil's freshness and extending shelf life.
• Supplemental Nutrition: With 1000% of the NRV of vitamin D3 per serving, it's a potent addition to your diet.
• Easy to Take: Simply dispense one full pump and consume with a meal to ensure optimal absorption.
• Extended Supply: With 600 servings per bottle, it provides long-term support for your health.
30 ml, packed with 600 servings for comprehensive, sustained health benefits.
Storage Conditions:
Keep your vitamin D3 drops in prime condition by storing them at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, in a dry place. This ensures the integrity and potency of the oil for each use.
Dietary Note:
While our Natural D3 Forte Vitamin Drops are a fantastic supplement, they should complement a varied diet. Integrating a range of nutritious foods and maintaining an active lifestyle are key to achieving the best health outcomes.

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