Tea Tree Scent Foot Regenerating Serum with CBD - 100 ml


CBD Foot Regenerating Serum with Tea Tree Scent – Pamper Your Feet Naturally
• Deep Nourishment: Our serum is a blend of natural butters and CBD oil, ensuring deep hydration and soothing relief.
• Skin Healing: Enriched with tea tree oil for its renowned healing properties, perfect for tired, stressed feet.
• Versatile Use: Ideal for daily moisturizing or as an intensive overnight treatment.
• Natural Aroma: The refreshing scent of tea tree and field mint invigorates your senses and your skin.
• Eco-Friendly Packaging: Housed in a glass container, our serum is part of our commitment to a greener planet.

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CBD Foot Regenerating Serum with Tea Tree Scent – The Soothing Step to Foot Care
Discover the ultimate care for your feet with our CBD Foot Regenerating Serum, expertly crafted to restore, nourish, and soothe the skin of your feet. Infused with a potent blend of natural butters and oils, this serum is your at-home remedy for a professional pedicure-like experience.
• Intensive Regeneration: Packed with a powerhouse of natural butters, including shea, cupuacu, and cacao, our serum delivers intense hydration and nourishment.
• Soothing and Healing: Enriched with CBD, tea tree oil, and field mint, the serum is formulated to regenerate wounds, soothe irritations, and offer antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.
• All Skin Types: Ideal for regular skin maintenance as well as for addressing issues like fungal infections, psoriasis, or sensitivity to footwear.
• Deep Hydration: The rich emollient base ensures deep moisture penetration for soft, replenished skin.
• Refresh and Cool: The herbal fragrance with cooling properties makes this serum a delight even in warmer weather.
• Shea Butter & Various Oils: A symphony of shea butter, almond, olive, raspberry seed, and argan oils for ultimate skin protection and nourishment.
• Urea & Lactic Acid: These ingredients deeply moisturize and exfoliate, promoting a soft and smooth texture.
• CBD and Plant Extracts: A blend of CBD oil and raspberry seed oil for their healing properties, complemented by tea tree and field mint oils for their refreshing qualities.
• Natural Preservatives: Potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate keep the serum safe and effective without harsh chemicals.
Perfect for daily application or as an intensive overnight treatment with cotton socks. Our serum's dense texture wraps comfortably around your feet, leaving a lasting, soothing sensation.
Experience the luxury of foot care with our generously sized serum, ensuring your feet stay pampered and protected.
Storage Conditions:
Keep this serum in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain its potency and freshness.
Diet and Lifestyle Reminder:
While our CBD Foot Serum is a wonderful addition to your self-care routine, it's important to remember that it's not a replacement for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 7 cm


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