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RegenOil Liquid Gold™ 250ml


RegenOil Liquid Gold™ is a “liquid gold” that should undoubtedly be present in the daily diet of any lover of a healthy lifestyle. The product is distinguished by its unique composition and the use of 13 unrefined, cold-pressed vegetable oils.


Innovative character of RegenOil Liquid Gold® is based on its revolutionary content of perfectly selected and composed 13 unrefined cold-pressed plant-based oils enriched with natural vitamin K2 MK7 and natural vitamin D3, thus combining the effect of a dietary supplement and functional food. Its aim is not only to provide the organism with the essential nutrients but also to influence the physiology of the human body and support its healthy condition.

Vitamin K2 MK7 present in this product, has been obtained from natto extract. Natto comes from Japan where it is valued for its incredible nutritious effects, and especially for its high content of vitamin K2 in its rare form of MK7 and nattokinase (enzyme) highly regarded by the Japanese. This nutritious potential occurs as a result of soybean fermentation process using Bacillus subtilis bacteria. Thanks to their activity, the soybean structure transforms making the nutrients highly bioavailable. Vitamin K supports proper blood clotting and helps to maintain healthy bones.

Vitamin D3 present in this product, has been obtained from lichen, and therefore it is a form suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The most common plant-based vitamin D is vitamin D2, very small amounts of which are absorbed by the human body and vitamin D3 is usually animal-based and extracted from lanolin, animal wax obtained while washing sheep wool, the so-called “sheep grease”. Vitamin D’s major biologic function is to maintain calcium and phosphorus within the normal range in blood. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium which is necessary to build and keep the bones and teeth strong and healthy. This vitamin plays a significant role in supporting the immune system, muscle function and normal cell division.

A unique composition of RegenOil Liquid Gold®, based on the combination of 13 unrefined cold-pressed plant-based oils enriched with natural vitamin K2 MK7 and vitamin D3 ensures the highest absorption. The European Food Safety Authority confirms that vitamin K2 MK7 and vitamin D3 play a major role in maintaining healthy bones in people at the age of 30 and older.

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Ingredients: Sunflower oil, linseed oil, corn oil, sunflower oil with sea buckthorn fruit extract, hemp oil, walnut oil, sunflower oil with rosehip extract, wheat germ oil, grape seed oil, sesame seed oil, milk thistle seed oil, macadamia nut oil, cedar nut oil, natural vitamin K2 MK7 (menaquinone) obtained from natto extract, natural vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) extracted from lichens, natural vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol) extracted from sunflower oil, antioxidant — a mixture of tocopherols from sunflower oil.
Usage: 5 ml once a day, preferably with meal. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. 5 ml is 1 metric teaspoon.
Storage: Keep at room temperature and out of reach of young children. Keep the opened product in the refrigerator and use within 90 days. Protect against direct sunlight.

Precautions: Hypersensitivity reactions to any ingredients. Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding. The product may not be used as stitute for a balanced diet. The application of this dietary supplement in patients taking anticoagulants requires consent from the doctor managing the treatment.

Does not contain preservatives or genetically modified products.

It may contain: peanuts, soya, walnuts, macadamia nuts, mustard and sesame seeds.

The date of minimum durability: printing with a bar code. The batch number of the production is in the form of an imprint on the surface of the glass bottle.

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Weight .95 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 25 cm


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