CBD Oil NO. 9 Awake


CBD Oil NO.9: Awake is a daytime CBD formula enhanced with stimulating terpenes, vitamins D3 and K2 for bone and heart health, and a refreshing pineapple flavor. This 30ml oil provides a month's supply of focus and vitality without drowsiness, supporting your wellness journey with every drop.

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CBD Oil NO.9: Awake - Enriched with Vitamins and Pineapple Extract for Daytime Vigor
CBD Oil NO.9: Awake is a specially formulated full-spectrum CBD oil designed to invigorate and revitalize. Infused with a distinctive blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamin D3, vitamin K2, and a zesty pineapple extract, this oil is your perfect daytime companion. The broad-spectrum cannabinoid profile, combined with the awakening properties of carefully selected terpenes, ensures that you stay alert and focused without the typical drowsiness associated with traditional CBD oils.
Whether you're battling stress, looking to uplift your mood, or need support for your cognitive functions throughout the day, CBD Oil NO.9: Awake stands as a beacon of balance and wellness. With the added benefits of D3 and K2 vitamins, crucial for health especially during the less sunny seasons, and the light, refreshing taste of pineapple, this oil is a delight to the senses and a boon to your health.
• Awakens and revitalizes
• Supports cognitive functions and alertness
• Alleviates stress and anxiety
• Positively influences well-being
• Enhanced with vitamins D3 and K2 for bone and heart health
• Infused with pineapple extract for a pleasant taste
• Broad-spectrum CBD
• Synergistic terpenes for alertness
• Vitamins D3 (2000 IU) and K2 (75 µg)
• Natural pineapple extract
• MCT oil as a carrier for better absorption
Usage: For adults, take 1ml (one full dropper) daily, or as directed by your healthcare provider. Place under the tongue, hold for 60 seconds, then swallow. Use during the day for best results.
Capacity: 30ml bottle with 30 servings, each providing 30mg of CBD and 10mg of terpenes.
Storage Condition: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.
Dietary Information: This product is not intended to replace a varied and balanced diet. For the best health outcomes, maintain a healthy lifestyle and a varied, balanced diet.

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