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Published: December 9, 2020

Introduction in (YNSA) Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture

Is scalp acupuncture good for any disease?

Is one treatment enough to recover?

Is a pacemaker, cancer, or pregnancy a contraindication to acupuncture?

Can acupuncture damage the scalp or other head structures, such as nerves?

Is scalp acupuncture painful?

Is scalp acupuncture good for any disease?

Not all types of treatment suit everyone.
Everybody is different, any patient may react differently to treatment.
This is perfectly normal. With knee pain, some will be helped by heat treatment, massage, hirudotherapy, for others cold compresses are used, and yet another group of patients finds that movement is the best solution for them.
However, no other method, than sculp acupuncture, is used in the case of so many different diseases. Moreover, it is a method without side effects, which in times of overuse of pharmaceutical drugs is incredibly important.

Is one treatment enough to recover?

Scalp acupuncture is not a magic agent, it is also a healing method. Since we fight a given disease for several months or even years, we cannot expect results after the first treatment. Of course, cannot excluded, but you should consider a series of treatments. The effects of treatment often depend on how often we use acupuncture. It should be remembered that at the beginning the treatment should be performed at least twice a week. If we do not have enough time for it, we cannot expect spectacular effects, because our body needs systematic stimulation to start regeneration and reconstruction on its own. Sometimes the drugs used can delay the effects of acupuncture, because the body does not respond to punctures as it should. It is often so muted with the drugs used that it reacts very poorly to the stimulation of points. Is a pacemaker, cancer, or pregnancy a contraindication to acupuncture? Probably not. In the case of these contraindications, it all depends on the acupuncturist and whether treatment is undertaken. The use of acupuncture in a person who has a pacemaker does not differ from a typical procedure unless the acupuncturist intends to use the so-called electroacupuncture. When dealing with a cancer patient, acupuncture treatments can significantly improve the quality of life by reducing pain, depression, and physiological problems. Cranial acupuncture treatments can be performed in pregnant women safely. Pricking at certain points is simply avoided in order not to lead to premature birth. It should be remembered that this method, unlike pharmacological treatment, does not have any side effects. The real contraindications for cranial acupuncture are extremely high fever or severe weakness and exhaustion. Can acupuncture damage the scalp or other head structures, such as nerves? Probably not. The head acupuncture treatment is performed with very thin needles with a diameter of approx. 0.25 mm, which makes them extremely flexible, which means that with such a needle it is simply impossible to damage such a large structure (compared to the diameter of an acupuncture needle) as the scalp bone. Due to its flexibility and small diameter, the needle will always bounce off such an obstacle or slide along its edge, and it will not pierce the scalp. It is driven only to a depth of about 2-7mm. We have a similar situation in the case of a nerve, which, contrary to what is believed, is not a structure so delicate that it can be damaged with an acupuncture needle. The structure of the nerve is like a cable in an insulating jacket, which is durable and slippery, and therefore, just like in the case of bone, the needle will slide off its surface. The only undesirable change for the patient after puncture may be (but does not have to) be the so-called a bruise in a situation where the acupuncture point was in a very richly vascularized place and the acupuncturist was unable to bypass the vessel to pierce this point, or he bleeds it deliberately as part of therapeutic activities. Is scalp acupuncture painful? The main task of pinching points on the skull is to stimulate the reflexes associated with parts of the body and to influence the reflexes of the Basal ganglia, brain, and cerebellum. For these points to be stimulated, the cranial reflexology must feel like a pain at that point. If the puncture has been done correctly, the patient often feels pain where the needle is inserted. There should be an immediate response to treatment, even after a minute, but if there is no improvement then manipulate the needle without removing it or change its position or insert another needle next to it.

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