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Easy as 1-2-3

How we work

1. Consultation

Every patient that visits starts their journey to better health with a thorough consultation. 

During the consult, we take your contact information, medical history, your current pain points, your previous attempts at solving these pains. 

As well as general lifestyle questions such as nutrition, work and hobbies or sports. 
Sometimes we may conduct a short physical assessment as well to gain the best picture of your current health.

We do all the prep work so we can create a tailor made plan for your body.

2. Action Plan

Based on our initial consultation and all the information we collected, our practitioner will decide on the best course of action for you to get back to good health. 

We follow a holistic approach and focus on treating the source of the problem rather than just symptoms, which is why at we have a wide selection of services that can be used to assist you. However this also means that our practitioners may refuse to perform specific treatments on you if they believe they will not be in your best interest. 

Your Action Plan will consist 3 parts:

  • Your Treatment Plan
    • The specific treaments we will conduct
    • The schedule of how many sessions you will need and when
    • The pricing for your treatment plan
  • Your Nutrition Plan
    • Any dietary changes we recommend you make e.g. reducing or restriction of specific foods
    • Supplement advice - some patients have severe deficiencies and we will help you here. 
  • Your Exercise Plan
    • Specific exercise routines to help with your treatment
    • Specific stretches you can do to relieve pain

3. Commitment

With most patients their pain is chronic - usually from an accident, poor posture at work or even something minute like the wrong type of shoe. Whatever the cause, it usually starts over a long period of time. Unfortunately what tends to happen is many people "put up" with the pain for several months or years before it becomes debilitating and that's when they finally decide to take action. 

Treatment for these conditions likewise takes time. Although Manual Therapy can have immediate and drastic effects, without follow up the root cause is likely to remain and so after a few days or weeks the pain will return. That's why its is paramount to stick to your Action Plan. The human body will adjust to any situation within 21 - 28 days, which means if you stick with it for that period of time, do your treatments, home exercises and adjust your nutrition as needed - you will have success. 

We ask all our future clients to make a commitment to the plan and to themselves. 

Please note if we believe that you are not following your Action Plan in earnest we may cease treatment to focus on patients who are serious about their recovery. 

Use our simple system to book your treatments.

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