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Hopi Ear Candling

Ear candling, or ear conching, is a popular alternative medicine procedure aimed at removing impurities from the ear and also curing certain diseases. Ear candling was already known in ancient Egypt, China, India, Tibet, as well as in Aztec and Mayan cultures. Currently, this method of ear cleaning is used by the American Indians - Hopi and Cherokee - and the Indians of Mexico.

Ear candling - what is it?

The patient is placed on their side with a small pillow under their head. His head is covered with a paper cover or towel with an ear hole cut out. Then, for a few minutes, the cream is massaged into the auricle to stimulate circulation. Thanks to this, the substances contained in the candle's essential oils are to be better absorbed.

Then the ear candle is lit. It is a special Indian Hopi candle, which is in the form of a 20 cm thin tube made of flax fibre, honey extract and beeswax (sometimes it is also soaked with medicinal oils or herbal extracts). From the inside, it is lined with a plate on which dirt is collected that comes out of the ear during the procedure.

The candle is placed in the ear canal - it is inserted into the ear to a depth of about 1 cm. Then wait for the candle to burn out completely. However, do not worry - a person whose ears are lit is protected against burns, because the lower part of the candle does not burn.

During candling, the excess of the burnt candle is removed with tweezers and thrown into a glass with water. A special line on the candle shows when to stop the treatment. After removing the candle, it is checked whether there is any dirt left on the ear surface. Then you unfold the candle and check how much dirt from the ear has accumulated inside it.


Ear candling - indications

Ear candling can be done not only in the case of excess earwax. Alternative medicine recommends ear candling also in the course of various diseases of the ears, throat, and nose. It is recommended, for example, during sinusitis or colds. In addition, ear candling can be decided by people struggling with tinnitus of various origins, and even hearing loss. Headaches, dizziness, migraines, and chronic fatigue syndrome are also indications for ear conching.

Ear candling - contraindications

People struggling with various ear infections and inflammation in the head area should resign from ear candling. Contraindications for the procedure are also a cracked tympanic membrane and oozing discharge from the ear. In addition, candling cannot be performed on people who have some devices in their ear, e.g. hearing aids or implants and on people with allergy to bee products.

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