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I am passionate about helping people and as such constantly train and learn new skills. As such I have a wide selection of services that can be used in conjunction to offer a wholistic treatment plan tailored to you.


Yumeiho® is a therapeutic method based on manual actions performed on the entire human body for maintaining or improving health; it includes about 100 maneuvers performed on the entire patient’s body.


Leeches can effectively treat : the hematoma and blood clots, hemorrhoids, hypotension, hypertension and many more.

Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi Ear Candles are hollow tubes made of cotton, soaked in beeswax, honey and herbs. When lit, the candle acts like a vacuum, this vacuum gently stimulates the ear, facilitating removal of excess wax and impurities.

Facial Reflexology

The principal of Facial reflexology is the same as foot reflexology, reflexes on the face are said to be connected to areas of the body. When stimulating the reflex points on the face, a direct response occurs in the corresponding area of the body, this works to stimulate the body's healing process

Dorn Method & Breuss Massage

The Breuss Massage is a very gentle Spinal Massage that safely stretches, nourishes, aligns, energizes and heals our back! Along with an explaination of the main causes of back pain and an aftercare pack of exercises to take home.

Sport / Lymphatic / Deep Tissue Massage

I have trained in several different forms of massage, most of my treatments have some overlap but if you need something specific simply ask and I'll be happy to accomodate your requirements.


A few words from my clients

“I’ve had a few sessions with my father and tried all the therapies he does. The most successful for me was the Yumeiho and hirudotherapy. The Yumeiho has helped with my sciatica and the I had a series of leech treatments on my wrist for carpal tunnel. After 3 sessions the pain I felt had left, and still after several years the pain has not returned. “

Pazbi Z.

“I used to be very stressed, so I mainly get preventative Yumeiho treatments from Titsian, its helped me over time to feel better, more energetic and refreshed. Due to having difficulty conceiving in the past I’m looking forward to doing some Fertility treatment plans with Titsian.”

Anna M.

“After every session, I feel amazing. I used to have a chronic back pain and after the second session, the pain was almost completely gone. I also had another issue when I sprained my arm after I slipped down the stairs, and I was considering going to the hospital when I remembered Titsian, a quick leech session and within 12 hours my pain was gone. I was gobsmacked. “

Christina L.

“I had a problem with my lower back, but after just 2 sessions with Titsian, the pain has gone. Absolutely amazing, highly recommended. I’ve been going back whenever I have a day off.”

Sadia A.

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